The French Art of Living

A quality of life, a philosophy, the desires and pleasures which around the world can not be compared. The French cultivate a passion for the art of living is incomparable.

Friax, The Wine Cellar Experts!

All of our Wine Cellar Conditioning units and manufactured in our factory in Voglans, France. Controlling the alchemy of the wine to achieve full blossoming is the secret of the Friax cellar air conditioning.

Designed for the Comfort of the Wine

Our air conditioners are designed above all for the comfort of the wine, but do not ignore the user. Once installed in the cellar, you can forget it is there. It is much later, while tasting a good bottle, that you will appreciate the perfect mastery of the aging conditions that it took to allow your wine to fully express itself.

From design, to use, to installation, every detail is thought of for a simple experience. Our teams challenge themselves every day to offer ever more reliable and ever more adaptable products.

To read more about the history and future of Friax please see our French site.

Our Air Conditioners Range

Friax Australia is the proud distributor of French made Friax Wine Cellar Conditioning Systems.

The flexibility of a split system without the constraints of a refrigeration installation

Compact conditioners integrating all of Friax expertise

Providing Cellar Conditioning solutions for every cellar scenario.